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The right to state compensation is granted to a person, who in accordance with the procedure set in the Criminal Procedure Law are recognized as victims, if as a result of an intentional criminal offence person's death set it, heavy or medium-heavy bodily injuries were caused to the victim, morality or sex inviolability of the victim was involved, the victim is a victim of trafficking in human beings or the victim is infected with human immunodeficiency virus, type B or type C virus hepatitis.

Process description

  1. Service request
    It is required to submit a state compensation aplication form and attach relevant documents - if in the criminal proceedings no final ruling has been taken - the statement by the official leading the proceedings; if the criminal proceedings have been terminated or the decision of the official leading the proceedings has entered into force abating the criminal proceedings on grounds that do not exonerate the person concerned - the final ruling in force taken by the official leading the criminal proceedings. If through criminal or civil proceedings the court judgment or final ruling by the official leading the proceedings provides the compensation for the injury suffered by the victim as a result of the criminal offence, but this measure has not been effected or has not been effected in full, a copy of the enforcement document must be attached to the final ruling by the official leading the criminal proceedings.
    A state compensation application is submitted within one year following the day when the person was recognized as a victim or he/she found out about the facts that provide this person the right to do so.
    Payment of the state compensation within one month following the day when the decision to pay state compensation was taken.

    Document to be submitted

  2. Receipt of service
    The service is received in accordance with the application of choice.

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