The Legal Aid Administration is a public authority that helps low-income people in need of legal aid and also victims of violence.

Legal Aid Administration is located at Pils laukums 4, Riga, LV-1050. You can call us on a free phone 80001801, or you may come to a consultation.

Who can receive legal aid? Who is eligible for legal aid?

A person may apply for legal aid in civil matters, administrative matters, appeal of the decision of the Orphan's Court and in the Constitutional Court proceedings, the legal aid provided by state is available to person, who:

  • has a status of a low-income or person in need;
  • fully dependent on the State or local government;
  • suddenly finds itself in a situation of an emergency

In order to receive the state ensured legal aid complete and submit the request to the Legal Aid Administration, together with documents verifying the dispute nature.

In the event of a positive decision, the Administration will appoint a legal aid provider and pay for provided services.

  • In other difficult administrative cases, legal aid shall be sought by the administrative court.
  • To receive legal aid in criminal proceedings, the applicant may apply to the person directing the criminal proceedings (investigator, prosecutor or judge).

How to obtain compensation if a person is recognized as crime victim?

Compensation for crime victims shall be granted if the person has been recognized as a victim in criminal proceedings and as a result of an intentional crime:

  • death of the person;
  • serious bodily injury has been inflicted;
  • sexual crime has been committed;
  • the person is a victim of human trafficking;
  • moderate bodily injury has been inflicted;
  • the person is infected with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

In order to obtain compensation, complete and submit a request for compensation to the Legal Aid Administration.

The request must be submitted within 3 years of the date when person has been recognized as a victim in criminal proceedings.

In the event of a positive decision, the administration will transfer the state compensation.