The Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Asylum Law and the State Ensured Legal Aid Law shall ensure the provision of legal aid to the asylum seeker in the cases when the asylum seeker would like to appeal:

1) a decision taken by the State Border Guard - to the district (city) court:

a. regarding registration to the unit of the State Border Guard;

b. regarding detention.

2) a decision adopted by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the OCMA) – to the Administrative District Court:

a. regarding decision to leave the application without examination;

b. regarding refusal to grant refugee or alternative status;

c. regarding transfer of the asylum seeker to appropriate Member State, which will examine his or her application in accordance with the Regulation No. 604/2013;

d. regarding discontinuance of examination of the application;

e. regarding refusal to resume examination of the application;

f. regarding refusal to disburse the subsistence and daily allowance.

Legal Aid Administration shall ensure legal aid also for the person who has been granted refugee or alternative status, in the event if he or she would like to appeal against the OCMA decision regarding on the loss or revocation of refugee or alternative status.

The time limits for appeal against the said decision are determined by the Asylum Law (depending on the type of procedure these may be very short as well).

Legal aid for the asylum seekers in accordance with the Asylum Law shall be ensured in two ways:

1) The State Border Guard shall invite the provider of legal aid from the list prepared by the Legal Aid Administration;

2) OCMA or the State Border Guard shall send a request to provide legal aid to the Legal Aid Administration, while the Legal Aid Administrationshall assign the provider of legal aid for the provision of legal aid.

Procedure whereunder the asylum seeker, the refugee or the person being granted alternative status may get legal aid in order to appeal against the decision taken by the State Border Guard or the OCMA.