Advokatūras dienas

From 21 to 25 March, residents will be able to receive free legal advice from lawyers throughout Latvia. The Advocacy days have been taking place for the thirteenth year. Residents will be able to receive advice in all areas of the law. In the vortal of the The Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates a list of sworn lawyers will be available, who will provide free counselling within the Advocacy days. Residents are invited to apply for advice.

This year sworn advocates throughout Latvia will provide free advice. Within national limits consultations will be provided in remote settings, each consultation provider will determine the procedures and modalities for providing advice. A person who wishes to be consulted within the framework of the Advocacy days, in the vortal may choose an advocate who advises on the subject of interest in the relevant legal sector. Residents with limited access to legal aid are particularly invited to apply for free advice.

How do I apply for Advocacy days?

  • In the vortal a list of advocates providing free legal advice is available under the heading “Advocacy days”.
  • The selected advocate should be contacted individually in order to reach an agreement on the timing of the consultation and the area of the rights requiring advice. For the simplest issues it might be enough with consultation via phone call.
  • In view of the limited consultation time, advocates are calling on citizens to apply in advance. In the event that you cannot attend consultation, please cancel a consultation reservation so that another person can use this option.

In 2010, the The Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates  established a mission to promote the profession of sworn advocate – to act in the public interest, providing it with practical assistance according to the laws of the best conscience.